APEC HAUS, National Capital District


Amruqa Virgin Coconut Oil

Business Name


Registered as Follywell No.6 Limited but trading as “Amruqa” and is a locally owned company.


The name ‘AMRUQA’ means “Re-growth” of a Rosewood Tree from the Qaqet language.


Business Location:


The company is located at the Vunakanau Estate of Gazelle District, Rabaul, East New Britain Province.

Investment Background


Amruqa is a small family business based in Vunakanau Estate Rabaul, East New Britain Province and they specialize in producing pure Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) by using traditional processing methods.


Amruqa was established in 1997 and strives for high customer satisfaction and farmer loyalty by providing quality products that deliver real value for money and consistency. They also aim to exceed customer expectations through implementing innovative, effective processes that maximise farmers’ returns.


Amruqa extract various elements from 100% locally grown and processed coconuts, which follow traditional methods. It’s believed that these traditional practices help retain the organic freshness and natural goodness intended by Mother Nature.


Amruqa also obtained the Integral Trade Certificate that further gives clients the assurance that their practices support the surrounding communities and essentially involve zero health risks.


Below are the lists of some of their products;


  • Cardamom Essential Oil
  • Wild Cinnamon Essential Oil
  • Nutmeg Essential Oil
  • Turmeric Essential Oil
  • Citronella Essential Oil
  • Lemongrass Essential Oil
  • Patchouli Essential Oil Steam
  • Japanese Mint Essential Oil
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil
  • Virgin Coconut Oil


Why it’s a great investment?


This is an investment opportunity with tangible social impact because many of the local population grow and own large scale coconut plantations within the province and nearby provinces. Which means there’s a strong supply channel for downstream processing by Amruqa. Indeed, the sustainability of the many local growers are supported by Amruqa.




The common challenges that impede progress are; barriers to connecting with the market demand, the need for regular training on the best practices of processing & handling; inadequate infrastructure for logistic chains; and capital equipment to improve efficiency and returns.

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