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Namalu Coffee

Company Name


Namalu Coffee Limited is a 100% Papua New Guinea-Owned Coffee Processing and Export Company.




Namalu Coffee is a Goroka based coffee company which has its own production facilities located in the Heart of Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea.


Nature of Business


Namalu Coffee Limited is a Papua New Guinean-owned company registered in 2009, operating for 9 years with a focus on coffee processing, manufacturing and sales.


Namely Coffee purchases parchment coffee from Local Farmers, Co-operative Groups and Local Coffee traders. The dry parchment are stored at the warehouse and processed into Green Bean Coffee and are also roasted into selected roasted beans at its processing plant. Some roasted beans are grinded to produce different flavored ground coffee. The green beans, roasted beans and ground coffee are packed and sold at both domestic markets and exported to overseas markets.


Namalu Coffee serves a multitude of small stakeholders in the mostly outlying areas of Eastern Highlands Province that includes Okapa District, Lufa District, Kainantu District, Henganofi District & parts of Morobe Province.


It primarily concentrates its sourcing to the Eastern Highlands Province, whilst focusing on the global market opportunities. Namalu Coffee aims to be one of the regional suppliers of coffee in the world by adapting to international best practices, including quality control standards.


Generally Namalu Coffee can produce 5000 tons of Coffee per Month or 60000 tonnes of Coffee per year. This includes different types of products.


Namalu Coffee Produces 6 Different Types of Products


  • Blue Mountain Ground/Bean Coffee
  • Espresso Ground / Bean Coffee
  • Vanilla Hazelnut Flavoured Ground/Bean Coffee
  • Caramel Flavoured Ground/Bean Coffee
  • Irish Cream Flavoured Ground/Bean Coffee
  • Coconut Flavoured Ground/Bean Coffee


The ground coffee products and whole roasted beans are shipped out from the Goroka processing facility to its customers via land transportation to centers throughout the Highlands, Madang and Lae. Shipment to customers in Port Moresby and other coastal centers as well as New Guinea Islands are done by air transport from Goroka Airport. Green beans and other bulk orders for other products are shipped down to Lae by land transport where it dispatches via sea through sea freight liners to domestic and overseas markets.


Through the facilitation and support of PNG Investment Promotion Authority, Namalu Coffee has had opportunities to develop its brand exposure. This has included access to the New Zealand market by participating in the Pasifika Festival, Auckland, New Zealand in March 2018. This annual event is organised by the Pacific Trade Invest New Zealand. Other opportunities to build its brand with international markets have included showcasing Namalu Coffee during APEC PNG 2018 exhibitions and forums the opportunity to supply gift packs for APEC Leaders.


Naturally, the company has high aspirations that it continues to work towards. Namalu Coffee sees a need to continuously develop the capacity of its production and packaging facilities as well as quality control. They are also seeking pathways to market access facilities and support to export its green beans and roasted products to meet international demands. A key barrier in achieving this is the high cost of freighting to both domestic and international markets.

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