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Solving plastic pollution

Solving plastic pollution – an impact investment opportunity


Plastic waste is a major environmental problem worldwide, including in the Pacific.  Plastic finds its way into waterways and marine environments, threatening aquatic and marine life.  It is difficult to eliminate plastic from everyday life, so it is critical to find uses for plastic waste and technologies that can convert waste into usable products in an environmentally friendly way.


An Australian environmental technology company, ENPRO Envirotech, in association with India’s Catalytic Gasolysis Reactors, can turn plastic waste into synthetic liquid fuel similar to diesel, combustible synthetic gases and carbon sludge.


Catalytic gasolysis reactors are available for treating plastic waste in continuous or batch mode and are custom-made including as a portable model to be used at any desired location.  Unites have been supplied for use in many industries and companies, including Pepsico, Nestlé, Tata Euroshoes, Neha Industries and Future Fuels.


This is a solution for turning plastic into useful products through an environmentally friendly process that produces no harmful gases or effluent.  It can reduce the use of fossil fuel and contribute to self-sufficiency in industrial and commercial fuel use for small communities with reduced greenhouse gas emissions.


Connect with APBF speaker Kenneth Moore, Chairman, Australia China Sustainable Agriculture Partnership and Managing Director, Agribizdesign, for more information.

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