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Vanuatu – paradise in the South Pacific and huge potential for new business opportunities.


A leading figure of the Vanuatu independence movement, peacemaker, politician and diplomat, is now focused on economic development on the island of Espiritu Santo and has a plan with strong development potential.


He is looking for the right investment partners for a Blue Pacific Centre, a multi-purpose development for tourism, education and training and innovation in sustainable agriculture, fisheries and international trade, to take advantage of the island’s natural beauty, vast fertile lands, fisheries, low cost labour and new infrastructure.


The agricultural industry is already producing some of the best beef in the world, with significant room for expansion and diversification into horticulture and organic health products.  The island also has vast fisheries.


The Government has implemented policies to develop the country as an offshore financial centre and has investor friendly regulations in place.


A new wharf and planned airport upgrade mean the island is on the cusp of becoming a new tourism sensation with more frequent cruise ship visits, as well as enhanced cargo trade with Australian and Asian markets.


In addition, a newly proposed and government-backed Free Trade Zone on the island will have state of the art digital connectivity and high demand for commercial and residential development.


Vanuatu is a spectacular group of islands with unique biodiversity and scenery that must be seen to be believed, including pristine beaches, live volcanoes, tropical rainforests, world class dive sites and friendly local communities.


If you are interested to learn more, Sela Molisa will be a speaker at the Asia Pacific Business Forum on June 21.

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