APEC HAUS, National Capital District


Wlly Resources Development

Business Name


Wlly Resources Development Limited (WRDL).


The company was first incorporated on the 10th April 2000 and is a 100% Papua New Guinean-owned entity with Mr. William Huanduo – the sole director and shareholder.

Business Sector of Interest


Agriculture – Manufacturing/Downstream Processing (marketing of processed Noni Juice)

Business Location in PNG


Brown River, Laloki area, Hiri West LLG, Ward 17, Central Province, Papua New Guinea

Business Description


Noni (Morinda citrifolia) is a green fruit of the tropical Indian Mulberry plant. For thousands of years indigenous people of the South Pacific have used the tree and its fruit for medicinal purposes, to boost the human immune system, supply antioxidants, increase energy levels, and improve physical performance. Noni is an alternative commercial crop that grows very well all year round in Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific.

Business Investment Opportunity


WRDL realized the potential of the plant and decided to commercialise the production of Noni Fruit Juice in 2007 and have been in production ever since, with a small manual 40ltr hydro press machine, producing for personal consumption and using surplus for the local markets in Port Moresby. The Noni tree matures in 6-7 months then starts to bear fruits. By 8-9 months, the ripe fruits are ready and harvested for fermentation and processing of Noni juice.


WRDL envisions marketing the Noni Juice into more international markets, and also providing a supply channel that assists youth and women to sell their Noni products to a broader client base.


The project objective is to set up an improved processing plant to extract noni juice. Currently WRDL’s manual processing plant operates at Brown River, Laloki area which is almost an hour drive outside Port Moresby.

Why it’s a great Business/Investment


WRDL believes scaling the processing of noni juice and products an untapped investment opportunity that is commercially viable and only a very few locals in Papua New Guinea have endeavoured to produce the natural noni fruit juice for additional cash income and medicinal purposes for family benefits.


The Noni tree bears a brilliant fruit where it can be harvested all year round on a daily basis providing the community and families’ cash income and its supply is guaranteed. The Noni tree grows naturally in Port Moresby conditions and it is easily accessible to society at large.

Notably, the current Chinese price offered on processed Noni Juice market is at US$ 500/ltr.

What challenges need to be addressed to grow/improve the business


WRD is in operation for over ten (10) years running, however the company needs capital investment to install a 500ltr/hour Hydro press and modernise the processing plant. This will increase production time frame and efficiency and assist WRD to meet the demand from local consumers.


We now seek joint venture assistance from potential investors or developers with similar business or sector interest to join our journey.


The land where this business is currently located is on a 99 year lease and has now 72 years remaining.

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